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Shovel M.S.T.C Services

We Train, Artisans Courses, All Safety Courses, First Aid Levels 1 2 3, Assorted Welding Courses, Underground And Surface Mining Machines, Assorted Road Construction Machines And Skills Development Programs.

Safety Courses

Guaranteed Full Safety Course

R9,500 2 weeks certificates don't expire (first aid course level 1 included)
Namibia Botswana Zambia Swaziland Lesotho
Basic Occupational Health and Safety Study Guide
::: Introduction
::: Communication
::: OHS Definitions
::: OHS Policies, Principles, Procedures
::: Hazard and Risk (HIRA)
::: Safety Health and Environment (SHEQ)
::: Health and Safety Representative (HSR)
::: Hygiene Principles
:::Sexually Transmitted Infections
::: First Aid and Emergency Procedures
::: Regulations for Workplaces (STATUTORY)
::: Legislation (SECTIONS OF THE LAW)

Underground Machines

Drill Rig / Tarmrock

Loader Haul Dumper (LHD Scoop)

Utility Vehicle (UV)

ADT Dump Truck

Rock Drill Operator (RDO)

Surface Machines

We Train, Artisans Courses,


ADT Dump Truck

777D/F Rigid Body Dump Truck



Front End Loader

Tractor Loader Backhoe


Roller Compactor

Lifting Machines

We Train, All Lifting Courses,

Mobile Crane

Tower Crane

Overhead Cranes

Container Handler

Telescopic Boom Handler

Forklift / Counter Balance

Truck Mounted Crane


Diesel Mechanics

We Train, All Petrol and Diesel Courses,

Basic Skills

Semi Skills

Hydraulic Courses

Engine Overhauling

Brake Systems

Auto Electrical

Artisan Courses

We Train, Artisans Courses,


Arc Welding

Co2 Welding

Motor Mechanics



Pipe Fitting

Machinery Fitter

Fitting and Turning


Welding Courses

We Train, Welding Courses,

Arc Welding

Co2 Welding

Double Coded Welding

Mig Welding

Tig Welding

Gas Welding

Stick Welding

Aluminum Welding


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 We Also Do Semi Skilled In:

Hydraulic//  Rigger  // Carpentry  // Diesel and Petrol Mechanics  // Boiler Maker  // Plumbing // Turning and Fitting  // Refrigeration // Electrical   // Mil Wright Semi Skills

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